Qredits Beneficiaries

Qredits wants to help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs that have a sound business plan but cannot get a loan or mentoring through regular channels. 

This may be someone who has been working for 30 years, a college student without any work experience, someone who is unemployed or who previously had a business of their own.


Stipulations for receiving funding are:

  • Applicant is starting a new business;
  • Applicant may already be in business, but not have more than 5 employees;
  • Business operations are conducted in the Netherlands;
  • Applicant is 18 years of age or older;
  • Applicant has a business plan;
  • Applicant is an entrepreneur at heart

Mentoring is available before or after start-up with or without a loan from Qredits.

Today Qredits is also very active in the educational field in the Netherlands teaching students entrepreneurial skills at a younger age.


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Financing Products

Building a business generally requires investments, be it for the remodel of a property, buying inventory or equipment or taking over another business.



Qredits offers the opportunity to select a mentor who can assist the entrepreneur.


Educational Programs

The purpose of this educational programme is to make students aware of entrepreneurship at an early stage.