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E-learning 'How to write a business plan'

Qredits has developed a number of e-learning courses. The e-learning course How to write a business plan has been translated in several languages. And it can be easily adapted for use by your organization as well.

E-learning advantages:

  • Step-by-step approach
  • Blended learning
  • Practical assignments
  • Real-life examples & tips
  • Ease of access
  • End result: complete business plan


Why this e-learning course ensures a great start of your company:

  • Financial plan included
  • Accessible from any computer
  • Assignments guide
  • Advice from financial loan consultants
  • Inspiration for your company
  • Tips & tricks from business experts
  • Test material, videos and real-life examples
  • Learn from fellow entrepreneurs
  • End result: a complete business plan

Each e-learning course is tailored to the particular needs of entrepreneurs and consists of a combination of theory segments, assignments, real-life examples, test reviews and video clips. The course content is comprised of in-house expertise, the advice of business partners and professionals in the field. The video clips feature actual Qredits customers who are happy to share their own experiences.


Due to popular demand the How to write a business plan e-learning has already been translated into English, Italian, Papiamentu and Spanish.

Our mentoring e-learning Microfinance Mentoring is also available in English or for translation into another language.

E-learning for your organization

For more information and to find out about the availability of these e-learning courses in your own language, please contact Evelyne Oprel.

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