Qredits Franchise

Qredits Franchise

Over the past 10 years Qredits has developed a successful business model that appears to be a new sustainable approach to microfinance: combining traditional banking with a highly sophisticated IT support system.

Qredits approach is different

  • Personally tailored service
  • Onsite screening at entrepreneur's home or place of business
  • Innovative IT systems
  • Short processing times
  • Cooperation with commercial banks – Win-Win situation
  • Monthly automatic withdrawal of interest and loan principal payments
  • Flexibility in loan pay-off
  • Start-up businesses are supported by a mentor 

'Qredits is like an incubator for traditional banking customers'

Different aspects of the Qredits model are now available for other MFI initiatives. Our model and tools provide you with an efficient and professional method to offer microfinance to your own target group.

Setting up a Qredits franchise in your country

To see if setting up a Qredits branch office in your country is possible we follow this course of action:

  • Phase 1: Exploratory visit to identify opportunities. We feel it is very important that either government or a bank participates in this joint venture.
  • Phase 2: Design a business case
  • Phase 3: Sign a Letter of Intent
  • Phase 4: Set-up new organization using Qredits methodology:
    • Processes
    • IT Systems
    • Organizational model
    • Acceptance Policy
    • Brand name

Lending process

In the Netherlands Qredits has experience in screening, administration and management of business loans.

The lending process will take place in accordance with the Qredits work method and consists of several standard phases. The entire credit process is supported by Qredits workflow management system and loan administration system.


ICT systems

The highly sophisticated IT support system is implemented in several phases of the process thus ensuring a sustainable approach.


For more information, please contact Evelyne Oprel.

Contact Evelyne Oprel

Unique and distinctive because of our core values


Qredits believes that cooperation leads to success. We invest in an interactive network of companies, community organizations and volunteers. We encourage our customers to build their own networks and also facilitate connections between entrepreneurs and our business partners.


At Qredits we focus on the entrepreneur and his or her business plan. We visit the customer at home and together review plans and opportunities. We are personally invested, stay in contact and are flexible.


Qredits wants to contribute to society. Our purpose is to stimulate entrepreneurship, not maximizing profits for our organization. Qredits wants to help people realize their dreams and if needed offer them a second chance.


Qredits focuses on entrepreneurs with a sound business plan and those working on creating one. We are realistic and professional. Our services are geared towards sustainable entrepreneurship. We have a viable business model ourselves which is strengthened by the success of our customers.

Qredits Franchise