We believe in entrepreneurs

We provide mentoring and training and finance good plans.

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A good plan deserves financing. We have several options available such as: Microcredit up to €50K, SME loans up to €250K, and Flexible credit up to €25K.


Entrepreneurs need a sounding board. We have a large network of 600+ volunteer mentors with different specializations who can help our customers move forward.

Online tools

Qredits offers a number of helpful tools, templates, tips, and complete e-learning courses to help entrepreneurs to the next level.

These entrepreneurs were successfully supported through Qredits

Unique and distinctive because of our core values


Qredits believes that cooperation leads to success. We invest in an interactive network of companies, community organizations and volunteers. We encourage our customers to build their own networks and also facilitate connections between entrepreneurs and our business partners.


At Qredits we focus on the entrepreneur and his or her business plan. We visit the customer at home and together review plans and opportunities. We are personally invested, stay in contact and are flexible.


Qredits wants to contribute to society. Our purpose is to stimulate entrepreneurship, not maximizing profits for our organization. Qredits wants to help people realize their dreams and if needed offer them a second chance.


Qredits focuses on entrepreneurs with a sound business plan and those working on creating one. We are realistic and professional. Our services are geared towards sustainable entrepreneurship. We have a viable business model ourselves which is strengthened by the success of our customers.

Products & Services