Educational Programs

Educational Programs

The purpose of this educational program is to make students aware of entrepreneurship at an early stage.

Currently Qredits offers the following educational programs:

  • E-learning courses on several topics (available in English: How to write a business plan & Microfinance Mentoring)
  • EigenBaas (BeYourOwnBoss) School program– developed to make students aware of entrepreneurship at an early stage.
  • Entrepreneurial evening classes (10 week course) – to help people coming out of unemployed or those wanting to make a career change start a business
  • Entrepreneurial Training Classes for migrants (10 weeks of lectures & tutoring) – to help migrants start a business in the Netherlands
  • One day training courses for customers (6 topics)

The EigenBaas educational program is a nationally accredited program that has been rolled out at more than 85 Vocational colleges and high schools and early 2019 completed by more than 5,000 students. It is a 5-step program.



  • Kick-off in which an education mentor of Qredits gives a guest lecture about entrepreneurship and financing. In this guest lecture it is paramount that the stipulations a business plan must meet are highlighted as well as the way in which a credit provider such as Qredits or a regular bank assesses this.
  • E-learning: After that, mentored by an economy teacher the students work independently on the Ik word EigenBaas e-learning program to write a business plan for their own company (fictional or real).
  • Guest lecture: During the programme several guest lectures are organized by existing entrepreneurs as well as Qredits mentors.
  • Pitch: the plans are reviewed together with a mentor (typically a local entrepreneur) and finally each student has to pitch his/her business plan before a jury panel.
  • Certificate: the educational program is completed with an exam and, upon passing, the students will receive the EigenBaas certificate.

A special Student Loan Product has been developed for students that complete the program with a good business idea and successful pitch.

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Educational Programs