Different route

Different route

Even though banks seem to be made of money, it can be very difficult to obtain a small business loan. That’s what Greet Geenen experienced when she applied for credit, but Qredits was able to help her.

Greet describes Qredits as “The perfect organization for starting entrepreneurs. They enable you to follow your dreams.”  She speaks from experience “We only needed a relatively small amount to be able to start our wine and gourmet food business.  We had already found a suitable property in Huizen that my husband was able to remodel.” So they ventured out to the bank thinking such small start-up loan would not be a problem.  “However it didn’t work that way,” says Greet. “We couldn’t come to terms and had to pursue a different route.”


For 18 years Greet had been working in a butcher shop, where she was the buyer, sales clerk and assistant manager.  After a few years at home to focus on the family she got restless again. We had been selling wines from our home for several years by then and because I had the right certifications I really wanted to expand to start selling gourmet food items as well. Our bookkeeper pointed us to Qredits and then everything accelerated.  I submitted my business plan via e-mail, heard back the next day and two weeks later we received our financing.”

Deciding factor

“Maybe the fact that we opted to retain a Qredits coach was the deciding factor in approving our credit application,” figures Greet.  She immediately liked the idea of having a coach to advice them.  Six days a week you can find Greet in her store Lifestyle – Wijn & Delicatessen. On Saturdays she is joined by her husband. At the time of this writing they have almost finished their first quarter.  “Our coach urged us to make sure our bookkeeper quickly reports on revenues and expenditures.  You have to really stay on top of that,” he said.

This is all new to Greet, “I’m loving this, thanks to Qredits.”

Different route