Dress-up boxes for rent

Dress-up boxes for rent

Brunhilde had no other options left when she applied at Qredits, but she had plenty of courage!

With her Verkleedkeet Brunhilde runs a business that can furnish a complete child’s birthday party with dress-up clothes and accessories in thirteen different themes (ranging from princess to disco to soccer). Nothing like that was available in Amsterdam, she discovered when her son had to go to school in dress-up clothes and she ended up spending €25 euros for a one-time use. This can be handled differently figured Brunhilde and she thought up a store with dress-up boxes for rent: De Verkleedkeet (the dress-up shack).

Bike shop

Brunhilde explains: “The banks told me that if I had started a bike shop things would have been different.  Bicycles we can sell again, they said, but if your business fails we are stuck with dress-up clothes.”

One of the banks Brunhilde had visited directed her to Qredits. She got excited when she read the testimonies of other entrepreneurs on the Qredits website and decided to contact them.  A Qredits loan officer visited her at home.  “I thought that was really neat, but when she mentioned that  a lot of credit applications did not get approved, I was a little shocked.  I had ran out of options. If this did not work, it would be end of story.”

Very interested

According to Brunhilde her Qredits contact wanted to know every little detail about her plans. “I enjoyed our interaction, because she was very interested and worked fast.”  At the end of February 2011 Brunhilde’s loan was approved and she started operations in the Summer of that year.  Brunhilde is excited about her first year results and think it is wonderful to be her own boss after working for someone else for 12 years.

Renting a storefront property turned out to be quite costly, so Brunhilde runs the business from her home. She does not think this will hamper her growth. Secretly she is dreaming of adding other locations. “I even get inquiries from Groningen, which is not very practical considering we are located in Amsterdam. So…..”

Dress-up boxes for rent