Qredits was a different story

Qredits was a different story

Her business plan was very well received, however, it did not translate into a start-up loan from the bank. With Qredits she finally succeeded and even found a great coach.

With her business plan in hand beautician-entrepreneur Anne Los met  with several banks. Everywhere she went she was applauded for her great concept.  “I figured this would be easy as pie,” says Anne reflecting back to that time. ” However, that  wasn’t the case at all. None of the banks were willing to finance her. “According to them it was because of my circumstances: no partner, no permanent job, and therefore too risky. There was no talk about the opportunities or potential success rate of my company.”  Once I got to Qredits it was a different story.  “I had finally met someone who addressed the ins and outs of my business plan.”

Million-dollar business

By then Anne had already scaled down her ambitions. Initially, she had planned for a much larger set-up, but even a Qredits’start-up loan has its limitations.  “So I had to revise my plan and to be quite honest, it didn’t hurt anything,” says Anne. In the meantime Anne has now become the proud owner of Anne’s concept voor Mooi  (Anne’s Beauty Concept) in the trendy Amsterdam neighborhood at the Van Eeghenlaan. In this ‘huis voor huid, haar en hem’ (home for skin, her and him) a team of six independent contractors offers an array of services related to beauty care. “The interior design is just as I had it imagined it,” says Anne “it looks like a million-dollar business.”


Prior to her current business venture, Anne had unsuccessfully  tried her hand at starting a business in beauty products and was later employed as a sales manager.  Therefore she  jumped on the possibility to obtain professional support from a  business coach.

“My coach is such a gift,” she says. “I had indicated I was interested in a coach that is a strategic thinker and would see the big picture. At Qredits they found one just like that for me. We really hit if off. Even though I had a good idea of what I wanted to achieve, my coach offered me tremendous guidance along the way.”

Qredits was a different story