Turn hobby into business

Turn hobby into business

Try finding a financing company that wants to fund your cake decorating business. The idea didn’t scare off Qredits. This is what happened to Joyce Pijnacker from Pimp my Pie in Aalsmeer.

Joyce was a real job hopper changing from one administrative job to another. Until more or less by coincidence she got acquainted with the phenomenon of cake decorating. She was so intrigued by it that she decided to do several  workshops. It was after that she started considering making a business out of her hobby.


At first she was cautiously hesitant, “seeing that our country is in the middle of a crisis.”, but eventually she worked out a business plan which showed she would not need much capital to get started. “That is, for me €15.000 is a lot of money, but for an international bank, it is peanuts.” Despite the small loan amount she was unable to obtain financing from the bank. “The bank reasoned they were unfamiliar with the type of business I wanted to start.”  Interestingly enough when Joyce started talking with Qredits  they did know of a similar business. “We were able to wrap up things quickly after that. Within two weeks the loan amount was deposited into my account.”


Joyce is happy she got to know Qredits. “If it had not been for them, my own business might have never passed the dream stage. Or I might have ended up in a franchise business, which would have ended up costing a lot more and have given me less freedom to work out my own ideas.” Joyce is excited about her interactions with Qredits. My contact person is very involved in the whole process. We really hit it off and I know I can always call her.”

Joyce’s first ambition is to make Pimp my Pie a successful business. “You never know what the future holds, so it is rather exciting.” If she is successful, she wants to expand. “Why not, there are plenty of large businesses that once got started in someone’s garage.”

Turn hobby into business