Qredits offers the opportunity to select a coach who can assist the entrepreneur.

Qredits mentors can assist the entrepreneur with common issues and questions that they face which could hamper the growth of their business such as:

  • How do I go from idea to starting an actual company?
  • What about permits?
  • What will my income be?
  • How do I organize my bookkeeping?
  • How do I attract more customers?

We believe mentoring and coaching can contribute to the success and sustainability of a company. A mentor can be a sounding board and help the entrepreneur see things more clearly. Apart from that a mentor will provide the entrepreneur with a network, because entrepreneurs stand together!

Interested? For more information in Dutch, please visit our dedicated mentoring website!

Qredits mentoring

Qredits mentors are experienced entrepreneurs or  business professionals. For a nominal fee the entrepreneur can receive mentoring services for six-twelve months to help him start or run his own business.

Apart from our general mentoring program we offer mentoring & coaching in the following specializations:

  • Writing a business plan
  • Finance and administration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Crisis management and reorganization
  • Personal effectiveness

Mentoring services are available with or without a loan from Qredits and before or after start-up.

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